Current list of Studio gear, 4/22/05

Recording Computer gear:

A 1.2ghz AMD Duron machine is used with an audigy card
at this time for the actual recording, using PG music's Power Track 8.
A Dolch 486 ruggedized PC is used to run Voyetra SPG (~1990) which performs
sequencing and redirection of MIDI messages from controller sources.
It has two Voyetra V-24S cards to give 8 x 16 midi channels! I moved the V22
dual port and Gallant GSC6000 w/ a breakout box into my mobile van studio
to give 3 total ins and outs with 4 paralell outs on 1 and 2 switched ins
for primary and aux MIDI input sources. Also a switch box with thru is
used to allow convenient access to other devices to the aux input there.
SPG is nice in that it has librarians for many of the synths below.
The MIDI and recording computers are MIDI sync'd so we erase the
MIDI mixdown track and re-record if changes are made in MIDI
provided there isn't a lot of audio bleed from using live monitors
with mics on other tracks. CD burner of course in main PC. And
for analog tape, a Tandberg 3034 cassette deck. Other gear includes
a BBE processor, Aphex 106 compressor, EV ND-257 vocal mic, MIDIMAN
micromix-18 mixers, Rolls 8 Ch, and an EQ I customized with 5 ins
all submixed into a Mackie 1602 Processing includes Digitech DSP-128+
and 256 and Alesis Air FX.


Akai AX80 8 voice 2DCO/voice analog synth *
Akai AX60 6 voice analog synth
Alesis D4 drum module *
Alesis DM5 drum module *
ARP pro-soloist monophonic preset analog with AT
ARP Axxe monophonic 1vco synth *
ARP Omni divide down preset string/bass synth (with audio in mod!)
ARP 2600
Casio 1000P 8 voice early digital additive preset synth
Casio SK-1 sampler, miniature keys *
Casio CZ-1 16 voice digital synth
Casio HT-700 8 voice Analog synth, miniature keys
Conn Electric Band organ/monosynth
Crumar Composer string/Organ/poly/monosynth with b/c
Crumar Multiman string/brass/piano synth *
Crumar Orchestrator string/brass/piano synth *
Crumar Performer II string/brass synth *
Crumar DS-2 2DCO monophonic/poly synth *
Crumar Trilogy divide down key group to synth channel assignment synth
Moog Dubreq Stylophone 350S
Enrico Roselli Bass 120 accordian*
Ensoniq Mirage 8 voice 8bit sampler/analog hybrid synth
Farfisa VIP345 single manual portable organ *
Fender Chroma Polaris 6 voice analog synth*
Kawai K1m ROM w/AM module*
Kawai K3m hybrid analog synth module*
Kawai K5m harmonic synth module*
Kawai XD-5 16bit Drum w/AM and analog filter emulation module*
Kawai K5000R harmonic synth module *
Kawai SX-210 8 DCO analog synth
Korg 700 (K1) Monosynth
Korg 800DV (K3) Mono/Duo synth
Korg Sigma Bitimbric mono/ensemble synth *
Korg Delta string/synth full paraphonic synth
Korg Lambda Ensemble/Percussion full polyphonic synth *
Korg PolySix 6 VCO synth *
Korg Mono/Poly 4 VCO synth *
Korg M-500 Micro-Preset synth
Korg Poly 61M 6 DCO synth
Korg DW6000 6 voice hybrid analog
Korg DW8000 8 voice hybrid analog
Korg DSS-1 with enhanced OS/memory *
Korg Karma performance synth w/MOSS expansion *
Korg Wavestation WS-EX ROM assembly synth (with M1 movement) *
Korg Wavestation WS-A/D ROM assembly synth
Kurzweil K1200pro 88key ROM synth; custom spring tensioned*
Moog Opus 3 organ/string/brass synth *
Moog Polymoog 71 weighted velocity sense full polysynth
Moog Memorymoog 6 voice 3osc/voice synth
Oberheim OB-8 8 voice synthesizer *
Octave Cat dual VCO mono/duophonic synth
Peavey DPM SI digital phase modulation synth
Roland JV-1080 rack with kb's of 60/70 exp. *
Roland JV-1010 half rack
Roland MKS-10 Planet-P module 16 voice analog keyboard presets *
Roland MKS-30 module 6 voice analog DCO synth *
Roland MKS-70 Super JX module 12 voice analog DCO synth *
Roland PG-800 programmer for MKS-70 *
Roland Jupiter 4 Four VCO mono/polyphonic synth *
Roland Juno-6 6 DCO synth
Roland Juno-106 6 DCO synth *
Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 6 vco synth
Sequential Circuits Six-Trak 6 vco synth
Sequential Circuits Multi-Trak 6 vco synth *
Siel OR-400 4 section divide down synth *
Siel DK600 6 DCO synth
Siel Expander 6 DCO synth module
Siel DK70 6 DCO synth (w/controller for 'keytar' config.) *
Siel DK80 BiTimbral 12 DCO synth (w/out keyboard..)
Yamaha CS15D dual voice monophonic synth *
Yamaha CS20M 2 VCO monophonic synth
Yamaha CS60 8 VCO polyphonic synth *
Yamaha CS2X analog modelling synth
Yamaha S30 performance synth *
Yamaha SK20 Organ/synth (Also One broken; anybody got a keyer chip?)
Yamaha DX-7 with E! 6 operator FM digital synth
Yamaha DX21 4 operator FM digital synth
Yamaha PC1000 preset/rhythm synth, ~1982