A Tree Planted

                                                                                                                            (C)Robert Weigel 2008 All rights reserved

    Are you starting to understand?
    Are you ready to take my hand?  Let's walk

    Has the world show it's face to you?
    Do you see there's no place for you?  Let's talk

        A tree, that's planted by the living waters
        will never never die.
        And more fine, is when two of them grow intertwined
        so that the wind won't shake the root, though it may try, though it may try
    (Synth Solo)       

    Are you shaken by what you see?
    Do you wish for a place to flea?  I know.  I know.

    Was there something you sensed was right?
    Is it calling you from this night?  Let's grow.

    (Repeat bridge)

                                                         First Dance

                                                                                               (C)2003 Robert Weigel all rights reserved

Cm2/7                                  F7

You gave me the keys.  You told me "please
           Abmaj7         Gm                    C
help yourself to anything that looks appealing that you see"
Cm7                      F7
You pretended to go, but wouldn't ya know
               Abmaj7                Bb
you were setting me up for a big tease.
      F7/9                               Gm/Eb                            Ab              F/G
   I sensed that there was somebody else, and I knew I had to look away
     F7/9                Gm/Eb                  C/D                            Gm4
   She's not at this party, and now I'm wondering through this misty maze...

[chorus 1]
            Cm7/Ab  Bb        C                D
      And I'm savin' the first dance.  I'm not settling for a quick fix
       Not takin' the sure thing, though I'm liking what I'm seein'
      I'm saving the first dance, for the one I know will embrace me
      knowin' it's her I've waited for all of my life

You tempt me still.  You test my will
to see this thing through that I've given it all up for.
Those pearl's looked nice, but there's one of great price
and when I find it I won't be stuck with your

    beauty to the eye that lies and falls apart from the inside
    I think I hear her calling now, maybe find someone else to guide.... (repeat chorus)


      I'm saving the first dance, I can't even think of another
      when your steps are all together, things work with so much more ease
      I'm saving the first dance; the last and all the others
      So maybe just find someone else to lead, if you please. 

                                                                                                                        (C) 1992 Robert Weigel  All rights reserved

                  D                                  A/F#
            You, say, I don't bring you flowers.
                      Bm/G                Bm
            That's something that must change,
                     G/E              F#m  Em    D
            So I'm heading out the door right now.

            Sometimes, as you pass the hours,
            it's not really so very strange,
            that a girl might want to know how
     B         B/A          Bm/E            F#m
       much I love her, sometimes I think I miss the bus,
     B                B/A                  Bm/E       F#m      G
       as I search to find a way, and totally overlook the obvious.

                 D             D/F# A/G  G        F#
                  I don't bring you flowers, to remind you,
                     Bm                       A/C#
                  of something that begins so beautiful
                       G            Asus A
                  then withers into gloom.
                  D          D/F# A/G  G         F#
                  I just give you flowers, to remind you
                       Bm                   C  
                  of a friendship that will stay in bloom
                            G              Asus        A
                  that will grow even when dark clouds loom
                           F#              G         A       B
                  and will lift you as you hold them in your room

            When, I, think to bring you flowers
            there's always one fear in my mind,
            A fear I hope will go away.

            There, may, be some unseen tower,
            that would stop me cold and find,
            some excuse to drive me far away

     from the treasure, as though I've set my sights to steal.
     So I wait far away, but close enough to know the treasure's real
(repeat chorus)

                   And if you find that I have failed, to fill your vase one day
                   Just remember, that I love you anyway

                                                             Look Right Back
                                                                                                       (C) 1992 Robert Weigel   All rights reserved

            C                     Ab7maj/C
                  It's always been real hard for me,
            Fm2               C
                  to act as glad as I should be.
                Bb/Eb                  F
                  At the source of pain maybe there's a chain
            Gsus            Ab    Bb
                  hidden where only I can see.
            C               Ab7maj/C
                  I see I've messed up once again.
            Fm2            C
                  It's hard not to count my sins.
                  Bb/Eb        F
                  But you say "my son, I see not a one".
            Gsus             G          
                  And I know I can lift up my chin".

                  G/F             G/C
                     To look right back to you;
                   Bb/G           F
                     It's all that's left to do.
                  G/F            G/C      Gsus
              (1st)  This world grew much more dim today.
              (2nd)  Your love is much more real today.
                G/F        G/C
                     To look right back to you,
                     Bb/G             F
                     as you look right back at me,
                 Ab/F          C/E           G
                     and only see the blood of calvary.

                  True repentance will restore.
                  Self-abuse is one sin more.
                  It's so insane to think I could attain,
                  the thing God gave us his Son for.

                  Lord let thanks always proceed,
                  from my lips in time of need.
                  When my fall of pride, leaves grief inside,
                  it's the blood of your son I plead.

        Ab             Bb                C
                You've given me something to look forward to.
        Ab            Bb             F   C
                You've taken away the sentence I earned.
              Ab                        Bb   
                And now that I've learned I want to tear down every
            Eb            F/D                Db6
                obstacle that would hinder me from giving everything to
                Ab/C               Gsus/F        Gsus   
                bring glory to you, but if I ever find I am doing those
                   Ab7maj Bb       Gsus/F              Gsus
                things without you, let me kneel where I stand, and empty
                    Ab7maj    Bb    Gsus
                my hands and know it's time, to (chorus)

                                                              Virtual Fame

                                             (C) 2002 Robert Weigel     All rights reserved

    Hey hey little boy, is your mommy watching
    Whats that stuff your typing acting like you're some authority
    Your e-pals chuckle while you flame the latest spectacle
    Your heart shrinks another size and your none wiser

        Who invented this game?  They should be living in a
        mansion, but somehow I'll bet they're just regretting
        all the wasted lives, growing up without a standard;
        all the little boys and girls achieving their virtual fame.

    Hey there Christian boy, is your savior watching
    while you take a break, in this realm of anonymity
    The church can't meet there since there really is no building
    what do two or three in his name have to do with anything?

        Who invented this game?  They might be dying with a
        millstone, sinking them down in the sea of
        all the wasted lives, growing up without a standard;
        all the little boys and girls achieving their virtual fame.

        Don't you dare step outside someone might smash your pride
        by introducing you to something known as reality
        Just stay behind that screen until it rots your brain
        don't let anyone interrupt your ascent to virtual fame.

                                                          In your presence

                                                                                                                    (C)2008  Robert Weigel all rights reserved

    How can I even feel worthy,
    To stand before a God so pure and holy?

    And though you'd take my hand I still so easily stray
    Oh Lord I pray, I need to stay

        In your presence, where nothing else can touch me
        In your presence, where your loving hand will guide me
        In your presence, where I can stop my striving

            And wait for you
            I long for you

        With my helpless, hopeless yet not abandoned heart
        My helpless hopeless yet not abandoned heart.

                                                          Groping for Security

                                                                                                                    (C)2010  Robert Weigel all rights reserved

	Checking in my baggage,  Looking forward to the friendly skies
	I hear it's e'n more friendly.  Than the last time I gave this a try.

	The lines are getting longer, I guess I'm gonna see what the attraction is
	I now face the decision; I get irradiated or they give me the biz

		We're groping, for security
		Drives us to insanity
		Groping for security
		I say "Get your hands off  me!"

	Our president he promised, To stimulate our flailing e-conomy
	But also he's concerened, to make sure we live in complete safety

	Hey all you frequent fliers!  Enjoy the radiation every time you're screened
	Unless of course you prefer, a stimulus package that is so obscene!

		We're groping, for security
		Drives us to insanity
		Groping for security
		In the land of the once free.

			I'm groping in the dark, 
			hoping to find a place to park where I won't get towed.
			Groping, hoping to save enough
			to be secure when things errupt!
			I'm groping in my pride
			I'll find the magic track inside
			Spiralling in, where does it end
			I hope somewhere near where it began
			It was better then, better then.

	I'm gonna just wear spandex.  That way I can just stretch it for some guy to peek
	But I wonder what they would do, if the entire flight just decided to streak!

	Can anyone do math here?  150 million fly worldwide per year
	The extra time we're takin', will cost more life hours than bombs in brassieres

		We're groping for security
		still impacted by the debris
		groping for security
		In the land of the once free

		Groping for security
		following like sheep blindly
		groping for security
		ignoring the one nailed to a tree  

                             Feeding Frenzy
                                                           (C) 1993  Bob Weigel
                                                                    All rights reserved

		Bm            A           Bm/G       D
         There's a feeding frenzy in the flock today,
	Bm            A           Bm/G       D
         	      The sheep are grazing like they plan to stay.
	Bm				A
         Building up thieir store of treasure,
   D                  G                 A
         Isn't that the way we measure,
                          F#				    Bm  A  Bm/G  D
         how the Lord has blessed us for following his way.
   Bm                 A                Bm/G        D
         But there's a way that always seems right to a man
   Bm               A           Bm/G     D
         Get a wife a home, nice cars, a boat, a tan.
   Bm            A           Bm/G       D
         But in the end it only leads to death,
         'cause it never got the spirit's breath.

                 Stand and preach your prosperity,
                 while hell makes room for its prize.
                 It's not that wealth is wrong, 
                 unless it becomes the place you focus your eyes.

         There's an anxious man, looking for his fortune.
         He thinks he's going to become independant very soon.
         He cannot see his own heart,
         but still he thinks he's so smart,
         because when he has enough he'll start a mission on the moon.

         And as his funds acrue he manages his money so well.
         He turns away from those in need, so someday he can tell,
         those people of the love of God,
         those people who can smell a fraud.

But a man of great means came to Jesus saying
"I have kept the commands since my youth, what still do I lack?"
And Jesus said "Give all you have to the poor and follow me; 
all the things that you need in truth God will surely not hold back.

Or you can (Repeat Chorus)

                             All I came to Do      
                                                      (C) 1993  Bob Weigel
                                                       All rights reserved

      Find me one small token to take away with me tonight;
      For a starving man who attends a feast and finds he's lost his appetite.
      Look inside the gift I have laid there beside your door;
      Or do you think you are too rich to take a gift from one so poor.

        There is a choice to be led by the flesh or spirit.
        Why should a man preach to one who will not hear it?

         All I came to do was talk to you my friend.
         But you can think you know my motives and live that way again,
         and completely close the door on all the good that I intend;
         I love you.
         So I plant a seed, and hope it grows to bear fruit without end.

      Ezekiel was told by God so long ago,
      Even now the people say 'let us go hear the word of the Lord'.
      As a song of one who sings and plays well, you are so.
      They hear my words but don't do them, nor turn their hearts toward, me

        And when these things come to pass they'll know a prophet told them.
        When they lie there cold and still, how will you console them?


(dialogue in intro) 
child: "Mother there's a man over there with a cart of goodies...delightful yummies..can I have some mother? Can I?"
mother: "You don't just go up to a perfect stranger and start begging!  Now mind your manners and let's talk to the man and find out if he's proper first!"
Youre' an old hand, Newt Gingrich, who remembers what you've done?
From land grabs to debt ceiling, you're votes are so revealing
Mr. Gingrich,  I wouldn't trust you to run a lemonaide stand even if it were economically feaseable
after the 400 dollar permit and possible fines from the FDA"

You're a globalist Newt Gingrich, You're into everything we fear.
First fairness doctrine and then NAFTA, and GATT and abortion right after
Mr. Gingrich, I wonder if you might not do more than play pinochle when you meet with those foreign officials and profiteers.

You're a sly one, Newt Gingrich,  You sell access to yourself
you profit from position, might I make this inquisition
Mr. Gingrich,  do you think you could possibly break this life long habit of capitalizing on everything in your grasp
if you give you the keys to the store?

You've been so swell, Newt Gingrich, left your wife when she was ill
You said she's not good lookin' 'nuf for plans that you've got cookin'
Mr. Gingrich, I sum you up in three little words and they are not necessarily in order of priority

(Look at the nice man mother..he's..changing right before our eyes)

Are you a changed one, Newt Gingrich?  I hear words that sound so pure
I hear you got religion, but I have got this vision
Mr. Gingrich, I think a leopard can change it's spots more easily than you can change once you're that far over the top.

Washing your Windows (C)2011 Robert Weigel A.R.R.

I was tryin' to find a job where I could, interact with the masses
Didn't want to have to learn a bunch of stuff or, take a lot of classes
I saw the ad and saw myself getting some good exposure
Filled out the ap and handed it in and felt a sense of closure

And now I'm wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa WA WA WA WA washing your windows

Got my self a puppy dog who takes care of my need for friendship
On my affairs I kinda like to keep a fairly tight grip
I once knew a girl I thought could be man's best friend
Instead it seems she was tryin' to figure how far I would bend

So now I'm, wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa washing your windows
I'm, wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa washing your windows, washing your windows
with my squeegee and hose.

(C) 1998 Bob Weigel   All Rights Reserved

                                Perfect Prosperity


			   Em                  Am
                When I was in prison you comforted me,
                   B                         Em
                by sending your book perfect prosperity
                  C                 B                      Em   (Am B Em C B)
                I read it again and again as they tortured me.

			Em			    Am
                I'm so glad you saw my situation,
		  B					Em
                as you look back from the television station
			  Am					   B
                and didn't even insist I send the customary donation.

                A humble poor broken soul am I,
                will I have riches in this world when I die?
                At least I won't go out wondering why.

                C               D                   G
                  These things, I have learned from you
                  to give a tenth before it's spent
                  and believe God's promise, true
                                    B                          Em
                  that someday I'll drive nice cars and wear a rolex too.

                C                   D               G
                  These things, are now so far from me,
                                               C                Am
                  Perhaps it's just my lack of faith and insecurity.
                                    B                              C
                  but as I close my eyes I thank the Lord for my sanity,
                      B                                     [Em  Am  B ](x3)	
                  And wonder when I'll find perfect prosperity.

                You say I'll be rich in every way,
                in spirit, health and things I can display,
                if only I'll shut up and do what you say.

                I wish the saints of old could have read your book,
                maybe they'd have taken back all this world took,
                and hung with guys in suits and ties 
                instead of from algerian hooks

        [repeat 1st half of verse for solo]

                   Of these things, I am confident
                   that when it's over I'll do more than make the rent
                   when I hear God say well done my faithful servant

                   These things, now obscured from view
                   if you were here I think you'd see things different too
                   and not repeat the same embarrassing boo boo...