Sound Doctorin'Samples

     The Sound Doctorin' studio facility is geared towards electronic music obviously.  However several other types of artists have recorded things here. I specialize in movie soundtrack material and original compositions that incorporate the machines you see in the studio map and images page.
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New stuff from late 2008!

Jungeux       First Dance mp3 Lyrics       A tree planted mp3 Lyrics       Virtual Fame mp3 Lyrics      Look Right Back mp3 Lyrics      In your presence mp3 Lyrics      Flowers (Semi-Live)mp3 Lyrics      Perfect Prosperity mp3 Lyrics      

And the latest features The life stream (Featuring the ARP2600 and Korg Mono/poly arpeggiations, Korg PE1000, Yamaha CS60 etc. Inspired by a friend)

 Groping for Security mp3 Lyrics

Washing Your Windows mp3 Lyrics

And the latest feature! The re-release of my 1994 project "Light for the Lost Bride" on Soundcloud

OR some older assorted stuff:

All I came to do      Lyrics

Feeding Frenzy      Lyrics

reverbnation Where you can hear "if you leave me now", a parody that sounded too much like chicago for the bot on soundcloud. lol.
Order out of Chaos A fun tune generated entirely from MKS70 data from random memory and my voice.
cool loop jam
Great is they faithfulness/I surrender all a medely for mom's 89th birthday
In the Garden a hymn arranged for mom's 90th birthday