Sound Doctorin'Samples

     The Sound Doctorin' studio facility is geared towards electronic music obviously.  However several other types of artists have recorded things here. I specialize in movie soundtrack material and original compositions that incorporate the machines you see in the studio map and images page.
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New stuff from late 2008!

Jungeux       First Dance mp3 Lyrics       A tree planted mp3 Lyrics       Virtual Fame mp3 Lyrics      Look Right Back mp3 Lyrics      In your presence mp3 Lyrics      Flowers (Semi-Live)mp3 Lyrics      Perfect Prosperity mp3 Lyrics      

And the latest features The life stream (Featuring the ARP2600 and Korg Mono/poly arpeggiations, Korg PE1000, Yamaha CS60 etc. Inspired by a friend)

 Groping for Security mp3 Lyrics

Washing Your Windows mp3 Lyrics

And the latest feature! The re-release of my 1994 project "Light for the Lost Bride" on Soundcloud

OR some older assorted stuff:

All I came to do      Lyrics

Feeding Frenzy      Lyrics

Facebook band page Where you can hear Karma, Washing your windows, Perfect prosperity, Feeding Frenzy, Dream of Freedom, 'and Cry' and Passion of your heart.
Order out of Chaos A fun tune generated entirely from MKS70 data from random memory and my voice.
cool loop jam