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Enjoy the resources herein and please feel free to let me know about any dead links or anything. I pray the God who created us and everything around us would witness his character in your life today. IN CASE you are conditioned to trust in man, please take time to look at these clips from the president's official birth certificate. Don't believe me? Download it yourself and look! These .bmp's (400%) (1600%)are straight out of it.

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Featured Link to Red Sea Crossing archaeologicalinformation. Really, everyone should see this and behold the wonders of the creator of the universe as he interacts in history.

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      Please feel free to e-mail me with constructive input.  Remember, that unless we become as one of "these little ones", having the faith of a child, ....and the teachability, we are "living dead".  I pray that each one visits here might find new life, and the gift of a child's heart.  -Bob

  Recent photos of general interest:

This is a Nazi gas jet I thought... as it turns out I'm informed it's made by the crane company who used that logo. I found it lying on a hill near where I was born in Los Angeles area when I was a kid. Just goes to show... everything isn't what it appears to be. Thanks for the person who offered correction on that!

Photos from Ricochet Dream gathering in Bridger Mountains.

   Aurora that took place 11/04! From my yard! (20sec on Vericolor 400 enhanced, but it was awesome!)
Also that was with a 24mm lens on old 35mm OM-10. I've been doing a little digital photography as well. Here's a spider who almost got into my hair when I first moved here. And continuing throught that door the Bridger Mountains

A clinic at HS in Gillette, WY w/Todd Green
Check out Todd's site to see some of my electronic work and intruments of interest.

A little picture that gives the general idea of what we observe with regard to the likelihood of species being able to evolve between one another. The white space represents a 'field' of genetic possibilities. Each space near a pixel contains the next possible mutational configuration in various 'directions'. In other words each pixel contains an imaginary number of pixels far too vast to display. So this is purely a qualitative picture. BUt it shows the kind of enourmouty of the possibilities that exist in a qualitative way as compared to the DOTS whose area represents valid observed mutational possibilities within a species. Only a few species were approximated in a 256x256 pixel space just to give the qualitative idea again. In reality these 'dead zones' are even more vast. THIS IS BECAUSE LIFE FORMS are a VERY intricately designed thing. THey require various organs to function in harmony or DEATH occurs. FOr instance you can tweak the genetics a bit and get different eye color. You tweak it in another place and the heart valve doesn't function right. You tweak it even more and the heart wont' develop correctly enough to even get life started! So as far as we know, as you approach the 'edge' of the dots, death and infertility happen EVERY time. So if you believed in evolutionary progression of species any more, you now know that it's purely a blind faith belief. Don't be duped by the pseudo-scientist-religious-atheists of this generation.

Solder art! from Montana. What do you think it looks like?

News Brief
      Latest news... Just finished a lot of travel. Northwest US and then to LA (Namm show etc.) and Philippines (Mindanao mostly in Davao city area).

STUFF FOR SALE including analog synthesizers and organs!: (updated 1/30/17)

----------------------------- The Fender Starmaster is one of the rarest of rare in organs. I've completely repaired this one. It had some defects in the plastic top that I worked over and made it look pretty nice! The case is decent with some edged abrasions and the cover is missing one hasp which I'm looking for..and the other has the fragile part that catches broken. I'm sure an old suitcase somewhere can be scrapped for those :-). But otherwise it's all ready to go. I'd like to record some with it while it's here. The reed sounds are pretty unique and it's got a bunch of transistor filter cards under the keys. A fairly elaborate organ. I also need to make something to screw into the 'knee lever' which gives a harmonic extension that is kind of like having a filter open. Check my latest vid on the Bauer which is build very similar by Porto in Italy. Now I'm told there are more like 30 some of these. I got the pattern for the original stand and I could make a structurally superior one if anyone is interested in having a showpiece that doesn't fall apart. :-). Unfortunately the construction wasnt' great on the original as I witnessed in working on another recently in NYC area. I still have one for the serious collector. $2600.00

Fender Chroma Polaris - I made the sides look great by sanding the paint away and a bit of vintage finish. Panel restored,working good now. First $1150 takes it!

Prophet Split 8 - Panel could use retouch with a scrape through some of the lettering but nothing illegible. -$680

Siel DK600 - Ask and I can get another one ready...probably not cosmetically perfect.

Ensoniq SQ1+ . Good shape. VERY easy to use sequencer! Early 90's digital sound. Good starter synth. w/soft case/manual! Also a little goop repair on a cheek corner but nothing major. -$155.00 Hohner C86 combo organ- Very similar to Korg cx3 in the design it appears but with 15 presets rather than drawbars. Rare and cool looking. Piano and bass sounds to mix /layer. Decay slider for percussion and piano. Complete with lid for $500

17 each Mac formatSyquest 230MB cartridges. Will beat any price.

Roland MKS-30 MKS30 - I always try to keep one of these around for sale and use one in my mobile rig. Great warm sounding machine. Less complex sounds than the 70, but more punchy attacks. PG300 often available on ebay. These use the valuabe JUNO modules. THe problem with buying one on ebay is...half the time you get sacked for a loss. People sell you ones with modules that go back after many hours of playing. It's happened to me multiple times as I was harvesting chips from them. This one has certifiably good lot number chips and all checks well on extended playing. - (I'm temporarily suspending sales til i can finish my memory expander for these! If you want one have me put you on the list. I'm trying to get an idea of how many to make. The problem with these is lack of storage for sounds. I figure if people had 32 or so banks of sounds with high reliability battery that recharges when powered on, they wouldn't care much anymore. Though I'm still thinking of ways to i/f with PC to get infinite storage and editability. But I think most users would prefer just reliable local storage; especially people with PG300's already!)

Contact me at 406-582-5849 afternoons please if interested in anything.

---- And now for something entirely different... CAR PARTS for MGB, Volvo and Jaguar!

1 ea. Manual for MG and BMW 1602 and 2002 by Haynes. Call me 1 ea. AHH7899 MGB Spring cover. New -$11.00
1 ea. Lucas L798 running light for MG's, Triumphs. Ok condition. Edge cracks can be reinforced w/rv goop. $10.00
1 ea. Lucas L676 tail light assembly "" . Ok condition. Already gooped 2 pieces underneath. $75.00
1 ea. Dash assembly from late 60's MGB. No tach. Other guages have some stuff inside but look ok. Dash nice. $120.00
1 pr. Rear windows for late 60's MGB. Some bumps in chrome but structurally ok looking. $40 ea. or 75 for pair.
1 can volvo 1161442 Ester oil -$10.00
1 ea. Zim No.202 Piston Ring Expander, in package but maybe used. Can't tell. Looks good. -$15.00
1 ea. Model 36500 ridge reamer. Looks new in ugly box. $55.00

HERE IS A LIST of stuff we just got in 4/08 from Tucson. I'll add things along the way as I test them out but the following Items I've already tested or repaired and are ready for sale. Feel free to make reasonable offers, bearing in mind that I've gone through these things to make sure typical problems like broken jack solder etc. is taken care of so they are good serviceable units unless otherwise noted.

Vox Organs, Farfisa Organs and parts! My friend Paul has purchased a large number of these units which you can see in the videos on my youtube page. Just look for "Paul's vox organ project machines" and the Farisa one next to it in the list of my videos. We did a little video overview of them to give an idea of the kind of stuff that might be purchaseable. Paul's number is 720-849-2323 and call him to negotiate pricing. Many other parts machines came in this deal and I've absorbed some of the ones that are just good for keys so see my parts page on the global synth link if you want to get parts for synthesizers in general but Paul also has a few Roland D series units, a U20...I just tested a D50 board today that works great! They key movements are of course dead on them. I'm working on a solution to restore these old rubber key contacts for good. I've had hit and miss luck with the solutions I've gotten from other places.

See the Global Synthesizer Tech assistance page and view the parts link to see lots of parts for sale including soldering supplies, semiconductors, and keys for most vintage synthesizers!

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